Our production philosophy operates under the premise that each project is unique and requires a fresh approach and open mind to make it come to life. Our aim is to cultivate and identify your sound so that it will translate in the best possible way.

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Live Event

We have experience in planning, managing and executing live events. Our event production team is capable of providing technical support, creatively planning and effectively producing your next event.

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Video Production

You can count on showcasing the best take of your performance at the highest cinematic level.Videos are edited in Final Cut Pro, professionally color corrected and audio mixed.

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What we do

Integraxion Productions is a music and video production company based in Los Angeles, New York City, and San Francisco working across numerous genres and categories. We communicate effectively with our client to understand their brand, and convert their ideas into reality. As we walk through every step of the process, we ensure our client a stress-free experience, delivering a superb product. During pre-production, we clearly lay out the logistics and then work with our clients to manage them throughout the project and post-production. No surprises, no miscommunications. Consistency and reliability count for a lot and we want to respect your time. Regardless of the scope or budget, we approach all projects with the same level of attention.



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